Everything in this moment.

Everything in this moment.

There is a slight discomfort in not being able to address situations that impact everyone. Yet, that is easy to say sitting in a world of privilege.

It almost feels wrong that the world moves on in moments such as these. We have a release planned in a few days and although it's been something that we've planned for around a year now every move made with the business comes with an external weight attached to it.

Even talking about the invasion of Ukraine somehow seems wrong. In recent years I've come to be resentful of performative activism - it almost seems like by reposting something on your instagram story you're able to simply check a box off and move on. But, in the same way, this blog post almost seems to fit that same narrative.

To not want to draw attention away from a cause to yourself, but then to not want to stay silent is an internal battle that we all have probably faced. 

I'm writing this to affirm that Keep It Wholesome will do our best to continue to spread our message and warmth through this time. It is what we do the best and we will work hard on providing light in places that we can. 


Here are some resources if you want to know what is going on and methods of helping:





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Hi simon – thank you for being the candle that’s lit even through dark times, much love 💕

Nate Storrs

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