Meeting the people who changed my life.

Meeting the people who changed my life.

Over two years ago Keep It Wholesome received its first ever online order. I remember it vividly - staring down at my phone in disbelief as the order had been submitted from Hawaii.

Thousands of miles away, I would be shipping a product thousands of miles across the ocean to someone who wanted to support the brand and I thought that was amazing :)

Fast forward two years and I decided to reach out to this person. The one person who had supported all this time - I knew I had to meet them.

And well, I sent an email.

Then a few days later got a response.

What followed was an incredible, eye opening trip to Hawaii filled with discomfort and opportunities to grow. Not only did I get to meet the first ever supporters of the brand in person, but I also was able to turn some strangers I met into my friends and I thought that was incredible :)

But, instead of reading it, why not watch it? Here is the video:

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