Voice Memos Podcast Launch!

Voice Memos Podcast Launch!

For the past 10 weeks I've been grateful enough to have been able to work on my very own podcast! It has been a wild three months, but this project has definitely kept me grounded, inspired, and made sure that I was staying consistent :)

Heard by over 10,000 people from 98 countries, 

Over 229 five star reviews on spotify,

give it a listen: https://anchor.fm/keepitwholesome


Podcast Description:

"No one truly knows what they are doing.

But I find that shared experiences are what creates a feeling of belonging somewhere.
And while I don't know much, I hope to use this platform as an opportunity to encourage discourse on some of life's most difficult topics.
From business, content creation, traveling, and your mental health - nothing will be off-limits on this podcast. Treat it as a friend sending you a voice memo update of their life every week.

submit questions on instagram: @weeklyvoicememos"

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